Assassin's Guild

Prelude To An Assassin's Guild

Prelude To An Assassin’s Guild

On a dark and moonless night, you make camp alone in the forest far from Swindler’s Port. The camp fire is blazing, crickets are chirping, and the sounds of sticks breaking under foot can be heard in the distance. A stranger approaches and you ready your weapons, leaving your fire and hiding in the shadows, awaiting and soon catching your prey off guard. The Man walks cautiously into camp. He startles as he quickly turns to see you behind himself. He commends you on your quick and quiet movements and that you must have very keen hearing! The stranger asks to share your fire to warm himself. You hesitantly accept, but purely out of curiosity and probably to see if there’s some jingle to his coin pouch. He introduces himself by some forgettable name, but mentions a story of his travels that would stick in your mind, lingering in thought. In the Man’s travels, he had come across a small town, seemingly good and off the beaten path. It was however a few miles away from a rather large city named Siriosa. It was rumored that there was an Assassin’s guild built underneath the seemingly quaint town that could be entered through an old beaten up cottage. In the cottage lives a elderly woman named Serra Blackmoore, and she has many visitors come and go. “All children and Grandchildren!” She’d exclaim and chuckle to anyone who’d ask. She had a smile that could warm the heart of any small babe, but was deadlier and quicker than a lightning flash. Some say, that her granddaughter is the Mistress of the Assassin’s Guild. There’s fabled tales of wide open spaces where they train apprentices of all ages, even tunnels that lead under the City of Siriosa. He proceeds to tell you more with eager excitement, like a fairy tale. He traveled through Siriosa once, but could never find the small town hidden in the forest. He’s on an errand, delivering a letter to someone at the Port, but after that he planned on heading back to search for it. It was a Rouges dream! …Well, if they wanted to become an Assassin anyhow. The fire has long since gone out and the openly friendly stranger, who has shown to be quite young and naïve was now snoring. As you quickly loot his personal effects, you contemplate the Assasin’s Guild. There wasn’t many out there, and none were really located on a map. This guy had given you a pretty good idea of where one might be…. As you end that though, you unroll a parchment letter. It’s addressed to a Dirk Devonshire and signed by a Miss Meeka Blackmoore. It gives clear instructions to board an Elven ship to spy on a party that is headed into port at Siriosa. He is not to leave their sight and must report back within a week to the Guild with what he discovers. Wait… THE GUILD? It couldn’t be that easy? Could it?



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