Assassin's Guild

I was bored

Or how I ended up in an Assassian's Guild

Coming off the stage I was handed a rather particular envelop. Heading back to my dressing room I sat and opened it. My eyebrows rose as I read the offer, I had been given. A chance to join an Assassin’s Guild, it could definitely be interesting. I was always up for a challenge and hell this place was getting boring anyway. It was getting so I couldn’t go out in public without having to deal with some crazed fan.

I gave notice and set out for the Assassin’s Guild. The introductions were a little unorthodox, but I’m game. My first lesson, mission, initiation, whatever was to pick the pockets of 20 people; I don’t think I did to bad. Not like the other guy, who I later found out was another potential member of the Assassin’s Guild. He had the local constable on his tail for a while. Not entirely smooth.

After we had completed the mission, we were shown to the Guild proper. It’s an impressive layout I must say, all the comforts of home. We were led into a gym where there was some other, I guess I’ll call us initiates for lack of a better term, sparring. The shocking part was that it was a drow and an elf. A drow and an elf, I didn’t even think they could be in the same room let alone sparring partners. And then they opened their mouths. They’d slept together! What was the world coming too? I decided to become keenly aware in the extra initiate. Turns out he’s a wizard though I’m not sure I caught his name.

After a few moments of small talk, the leader, possibly or the Guild, Meeka had us introduce ourselves. However, before I could commit the drow’s name to memory she shortened it to Margie, which is now stuck in my head. Margie’s apparently enemy/lover, I don’t even want to know what that relationship is. But I’m getting off topic, Meeka gave us another mission, task…whatever. Raid one of the wealthiest houses without being seen. Which I still maintain we managed to do, because they never actually saw the real us. I’m getting ahead of myself, however.

We made it across the lawn easily, but then had to have a rather lengthy discussion about how to get in. Gar and Margie made a plan and headed off in opposite directions. I discovered that neither the wizard or I like waiting. After a minute we climbed into the library through a window.

The wizard and I thoroughly searched the first floor of the house, deciding to split our findings.

We quickly searched the house gathering up jewelry and clothing as we went. Soon the only room left was the kitchen, as it turned out. I’m a little unclear as to what happened, the people in the kitchen started to come out and we took cover in the bedroom. When I came out into the hall the men were down and the kitchen was pitch black. We hid the woman in there, poorly but it would work as a temporary solution. Then we followed the other two downstairs. They disappeared down the hall and the wizard and I made short work of searching the servants’ quarters. There wasn’t much, but they do seem to pay their servants well enough.

That finished we went in search of the others, who’d apparently found a treasure room and neglected to tell us about it. So much for team work. They motioned us to the back of the room and pointed out the acid which had spilled. I’m assuming the tripped a trap of some kind. There were five chests in the back of the room and when we got there I realized that I really have no idea how to crack chests. I’m much more into sweet talking someone else into opening it for me. However, that’s not the case here. The wizard proved adept at disarming the locks and together we managed to get them open.

We were about half way through when some animals came charging down the hall towards us. I cast sleep on them, not really in the mood to argue with things with teeth and claws. That done we turned back to looting the treasure room, for lack of a better term. I wonder what this guy did to accumulate this kind of wealth. I doubt it’s anything good. Just as we were finishing up, another round of guards showed up. How many employees does this guy have anyway?

We dispatched them fairly quickly and made our way out of the house via the kitchen window. We were escaping across the lawn when Meeka showed up to chastise us about the noise we were making and being seen. I still maintain that with Gar being invisible and the rest of us in disguise that they never actually saw us, but we’ll see what becomes of that argument. They did let us keep some of the loot, always a plus.



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