Vorpal Sickle

Deadly Sickle of Vorpal Ability

weapon (melee)

Sickle: Melee
Attack: 1d4
Crit Range: 20×2
Successful Critical Hit decapitates opponent.(if they have a head)


In the bowels of the Underdark, this sickle was crafted. No one knows who crafted it, and Marjolaine doesn’t care. After her battle with the Hook Horror she glimpsed it in a crevice underneath the behemoth body. She didn’t know what the sickle could do until her fight with her sister. Ella’Drin didn’t know what hit her when the sickle sliced cleanly through her neck without so much as a tug. Marjolaine stood there watching as Ella’Drin grasped her neck and tried to sputter something only to have her head then tumble off her shoulders. Marjolaine has never let the sickle out of her sight since. She has never let on that the sickle had an extraordinary ability. And when her targets find out, it is usually the second it takes for them to realize they have been decapitated.

Vorpal Sickle

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